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Chasin' the Train

Chasin' the Train

Chasin’ The Train are Robert Clements (blues harps and vocals), Tom Cuddihy (vocals and acoustic guitar), Peter Jamieson (bass guitars and vocals), Jason ‘Moon Drummer’ Little (drums) and Rory Nelson (guitars and vocals). They describe their music as, ‘ … blues with style, taste and cojones’. The members have all been involved in playing a wide variety of musical styles in different bands over their long careers, but have been working together since early 2014 and are united by their love of out-of-the-ordinary blues tunes. The band takes great pride in seeking out lesser known songs or obscure versions of well-known standards. Their enthusiastic, high-energy performance, infectious grooves and stand-out vocals will entertain any crowd. Regular gigging has enabled them to perfect their sound and build a strong reputation on the live circuit, as well as the respect of their fellow musicians.

They recently produced a 4-track CD, (‘Off The Rails’ - May 2016), which was originally intended as a demo for new gigs and festivals. However, following public demand, it now sells well at their shows, and has also generated local radio play.

The band are based in Dumfries, (South-West Scotland) and are rapidly acquiring a loyal fanbase following appearances at X-Fest, The Frunge, Rockerbie, Rock the Loch and the Beltie Beer Festival, along with regular gigs in Dumfries, Ayrshire and Cumbria.

Chasin’ The Train are primed to deliver their brand of the blues.  The question is, “Are you ready?”